Colin McGrath


Will Berlind on keys

Favorite parts about the CD release show last night at Union Hall:

Jason Harrod dance moves to Broken Hearted Stranger while he was up there singing harmonies with me.

People dancing in the back of the bar, waving iPhones, and the sing along that magically happened as we played “I Only Dream of You.”

The lushness of the string section (Katie Kresek, Maxim Moston, and Dana Lyn) playing along with Natalia Zukerman’s lap steel and William Berlind’s tasty keys on “Surprise Me.”

Being buoyed along by Jimmy Sullivan’s bass playing (and facial expressions!), his wife Mary Bragg’s beautiful harmonies, DP’s soulful drums throughout the night.

Seeing people I hadn’t seen in years, and some who I had, and feeling the love in that room.

I don’t know what was my favorite part, but the whole thing left me feeling so lucky to be here, to be living in this great city, in this community, doing what I love. At the end of the night when I had to talk with the manager at Union Hall because they couldn’t find my credit card to close up my tab, I wasn’t even that annoyed. “I am not that concerned,” I said. “We’ll find it.” I got four hours of sleep last night and I am completely hung over. I am not concerned. I am basking. Thank you!




  1. becky scott February 26, 2012 at 4:04 am

    What a wonderful night of music and dancing. Thank you, everyone, for making it happen.


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